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Pawprints on our Hearts Rescue is a feral cat rescue serving southeastern WI. We take on aggressive and fearful cats and kittens that are at risk for euthanasia due to their temperament. We work with them until they have a renewed outlook on life, then they find their permanent home.

Cat of the week


Gaia was saved from MADACC early in 2018. She was considered far too aggressive and was to be euthanized. We pulled her from MADACC and so thankful we did. This "aggressive" cat was only scared- as they all come when they come to us. She is now one of the biggest lovers we have met. She will greet anyone and be anyone's friend. Knowing that this cat would have died without us is always a great reality check.  

Previously adopted cats

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Are you an animal lover? Do you love cats? Would you like to know that you saved a life - or many lives? Have you always wanted a cat but don't want the financial responsibility in owning a cat? 
If you answered yes to any of the following see below!
We are looking for a few people to help out rescue grow. In order to do that we need more people to join us!

Fosters: Most of the cats we deal with are very nervous and often times feral cats. We need people who understand cat behavior to work with them on trusting humans. Each cat takes a lot of patience, love, and time, but once you create that bond with them its a wonderful experience. Ideally we need a room that can be closed off when needed for this new kitty(or a few) to feel safe in. We need fosters for both kittens as well as adults- and even farm cats though this has proved challenging due to a very secure containment is required for them. 

If you are wanting to help cats in need PLEASE reach out to us or fill out the foster application below! We are ALWAYS in need for more fosters! In order to save more lives we need more space! 

We pay for all medical expenses (that are approved prior to visit), food, and litter expenses! All we need from you is a room and lots of love to give! 

​ONLY -- ​​$30
Feliway Starter Pack
Feliway Defuser Starter Packs
To help keep the calm in your home check out Feliway! We are now selling Feliway Products to try to keep the Fear-Free

We are using pet tags from the company above! Please consider getting your pet tag through them! Mention our name when purchasing a tag!